2017 Sulphur HMA gather

We have selected these horses based on the photos from the BLM to be potential CVHs. If you have a horse from Mountain Home Range (located within the Sulphur Springs HMA) that you believe is a CVH, we encourage you to apply for registration and we will review your horse based upon classic Spanish phenotype that was detailed from the Spanish horses that were captured during the late 1980's and 1990's along with comparing DNA results to a group study from the 1990's that indicated that these horses are indeed an old Spanish breed (not influenced, but a true Spanish breed). 

If you adopted a Sulphur Mustang and do not see your horse listed here, do not think your horse was passed up. This gather rounded up 400 horses and we haven't been able to review them all. If you feel your horse matches the breed standard listed on this website, please apply for registration.

Black filly #1484. She was at the Axtell, UT facility. BLM aged her as a yearling.

Red dun filly aged #1469. Adopted from Axtell, UT. 

Bay dun mare aged 2 years #1333. Adopted from Axtell, UT. 

Black dun mare aged 2 years #1349. Adopted from Axtell, UT.