About Us

The California Vaquero Horse Association is a non-profit horse registry for this special breed that helped settle California.


     In the 16th century the Spaniards were exploring the world and found what was thought of as a mythical land full of mermaids, wealth, and rich land. This was the fabled land of California. The Spaniards brought over their popular war horses and turned legend into reality; all on the backs of their horses.  -"The Origins of the name "California"

Registrar and President of the CVHA. She has been involved with the California breed for 17 years. It is because of her passion for this breed along with many others that that the CVHA was born in May of 2010. Currently, breeding and preserving the CVH at Rancho de España Antigua.

Vice President of the CVHA. She got involved in the breed in 2014 after she purchased Cesaré from Rancho de España Antigua. Deborah is involved in researching the history of the horses and getting recognition from outside organisations for the breed.

Ron Roubidoux

Ron is not directly involved with the CVHA but without his dedication and research of the Spanish Sulphur horses, we would not be where we are today with the horses. Ron is regarded by most as the Godfather of these horses. We highly recommend his book, Trail of the Line backed Horse, An Odyssey.