Registery ~ Please follow these guidelines to register your horse


Required documents:

  • 1) Five clear photos (please click the link for examples) of your horse in a summer coat * standing on a hard and flat surface and in good light. Please do not take photos late in the day or early in the morning. The sun tends to cast shadows during these times and may make your horse appear to have conformation points that it does not have due to undesirable shadows. Horses should be standing square with head held up in a natural position (no photos of horses eating will be accepted ie heads held in a downward “grazing” position). The five photos will be of the horse’s left side, right side, in front, from behind (please hold tail away in order to see the hind legs), and lastly an up-close photo of the horse’s facial profile. Please be sure that the body shots contain the entire horse in the photo. Photos with body parts that are not included in the photo (except for the up-close facial profile photo) will not be accepted.

  • 2) Pedigree and/or adoption date (if adopted, a copy of the BLM certificate displaying both front and back sides).

  • 3) Completely filled out registration application**

  • 4) Parentage DNA test document or application (see below).

  • 5) Video of the horse(s) you wish to register will greatly help in the inspection process and will allow the inspectors to view the horse(s) in a more clear light as they will be able to see the horse’s way of moving and self-carriage and may lead to giving a better score overall of the horse.




Parentage DNA Testing:

Proof of parentage will be required on all registered stock. This allows the registry, as well as anyone buying CVHA registered stock, a guarantee of parentage.


Forms~Please fill out the file(s) and send to, California Vaquero Horse Association.

**Tip. Save the document as a PDF file, then in Adobe click the 'sign' button in the top right corner. You will then be able to add text and also add a signature. Save the file again and email it back to us using the link above. 


If you prefer to mail the documents, please send them to: 18240 Bunny Drive, Jamul CA, 91935


*Registration Application


*Parentage DNA Application


*Mare Foaling Report


*Stallion Service Report



* Depending on where you are located, your horses may shed out earlier or later than other California Vaquero Horses. Fetlock hair seems to fully shed out between June and July in areas that get snow. Please be sure that your horse is fully shed out before you submit photos for registration purposes.

** For the breeder section: If the owner or lessee of said breeding stock has submitted a Mare Report or Stallion Report for the year then this would be sufficient and also the easiest and most ideal way of completing the “breeder section” on the registration application OR a signed notarized document stating that the mare owner, as well as the stallion owner, was the breeder of said horse OR a signed bill of sales where in it the document contains the owner (or lessee) of the mare and the owner (or lessee) of the stallion at the time of breeding.


What does the color of the seals on my registration certificate mean?

Gold - the horse has been revised by USEF R judges under the breed standard and has passed revision and is approved for breeding. Geldings with no offspring on the ground and no frozen semen will automatically get a gold seal.

Silver - the horse is registered and has not been revised yet.

Bronze - the horse has been revised but failed. May be shown to be revised again one more time. 

Red - the horse has been failed twice and cannot be revised again. Foals will be placed in the B studbook, but by their own merit, can earn their way into the main studbook. This is done by proving the horse in national/international competitions and revision. 


Registration Fees: Please be sure to fill out the forms above!

~If you prefer, please mail a check to :18240 Bunny Drive, Jamul, CA 91935. Address it to the California Vaquero Horse Association.


*Membership: $25                                          *Non-Member Registration: $65


*Member Registration: $40                           *Parentage DNA Testing: $35



**There are no fee's for mare foaling reports or stallion service reports that are turned in on time**


Donations ~ Donations are highly appreciated and will go strictly into this non-profit association. Your support is highly appreciated. Thank you ~ CVHA


What are registration/membership fee's used for?

The fees are used for renting booths at horse shows, maintenance and upkeep of this website. All fees paid are directly used for promoting and showing off these wonderful horses.