Stallions at Stud


Cesaré is a very intelligent and observant boy. He is the son of Señor Diego and out of La Victoria. He is very brave and horses and people seem to be drawn to him. He has a very large presence. One in a million according to his trainer and was appraised at $40,000 unbroke by renowned horseman Pete Spates who has worked with over 8,000 horses and was trained by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. Cesaré has just been started under saddle and took to it like he was born to do it!


His color is a light blue grulla and genetically he is Ee Dd.


His full mature height will be around 15.1HH. He currently stands at 14.3HH as a two year old.


He has produced two foals for the 2017 season and two more will be born soon. Danté Hadrian EA and Catalina EA.

Dragon is a people loving stallion that has consistently outproduced himself. With an exquisite head and beautiful length of neck with that "S" shaped vertebrae, he is an excellent choice for a mare that needs improvement in the neck and head area. The mare tends to take over the neck placement, shoulder angle, depth of chest, length of back, and hip. Dragon stamps his legs, neck shape and length, along with improving the head. He is also rather consistent with putting that wild bicoloring on his foals. 

Dragon's color genetics are: EEAaDD

This means he will never produce a red based foal, will pass his bay gene 50% of the time, and all foals are guaranteed to inherit the dun gene. 


Señor Diego was a 21 year old California Vaquero Horse. He loved attention, very smart, very willing and eager to please. Diego had been affectionately referred to as an "over glorified gelding" due to his sweet disposition. He passes his amazing personality traits off to his offspring.



Diego passes his conformation off to his offspring as well. He's very beautiful as you can see from the photo.


He was 14.2HH, Color: Zebra dun


Stud fee:  Diego has passed and Rancho de España Antigua only has 12 doses of his semen on ice. Due to this, only foals will be available for sale. Please contact Kimberlee of Ranch de España Antigua if you would like a breeding.


His latest progeny is purebred CVH, Cesaré Borgia de España Antigua.