La Victoria

Victoria is a fiery girl with loads of brio and intellegience. She'll let you know when she's displeased by not letting you near her and she'll let you know when she's happy by letting you give her scratches and cuddles. She'll even hug you by putting her head down over your back. Victoria produces excellent high quality foals, such as Catarina and Cesaré.


To request a breeding of this amazing mare, contact Kimberlee Leslie of Rancho de España Antigua.


Color: Victoria is homozygous for black and heterozygous for dun. She has had 6 foals in her life and so far she has only produced grulla in varying shades. She can also produce black, but has yet to.


Height: Vicky stands at 14.3HH. She can produce large foals and her last foal, Cesaré is currently standing at 14.3HH as a two year old and will likely mature to 15.1HH or 15.2HH.