Cesaré Borgia de España Antigua

Cesaré was born on April 9th, 2014. His sire is Señor Diego and he is out of La Victoria. Cesaré is from Rancho de España Antigua's breeding program.


Personality- Cesaré is very curious and eager to please. He is a very fast learner and is very brave. When learning new things that may be scary, he will try his best and will overcome his fear in order to please his handler. He loves people and is a cuddle bug. He is very sensitive and observant of his surroundings.


Color: Cesaré is a very light blue grulla. Genetically he is Ee Dd, which means he is heterozygous black and heterozygous dun. He can produce grulla, red dun, dun as well as black, chestnut (sorrel), and bay offspring.


Height: Cesaré is currently standing at 14.3HH as a two year old and should mature over 15HH.


Disciplines: Cesaré will be schooled in classical dressage and working equitation. He will also be used as a trail and endurance horse.