Señor Diego~ Rest in peace

Señor Diego is a loveable stallion owned by Kimberlee Jones of Rancho de España Antigua. He's a very gentle boy and is lovingly referred to as an, 'over glorified gelding' due to his sweet nature. It's often said by other people that meet him, that they had to "look under the hood", to check that he was indeed a stallion. He has a purebred son named Cesaré that will also be used for keeping this critically endangered breed alive.


Sadly, Diego was severely injured while in training in Texas for a year. His injury was so severe that after about two years of trying various therapies and remedies under the guidance of their veterinarian, it was clear that he was not improving. He still lived life to the fullest that he could. But he could barely walk from his stifle injury, he could not run, he could not play, his pain was so severe that he could do nothing but stand near his mares and keep an eye on them. To Rancho de España Antigua's anguish, they made the decision to let him take his final rest. Goodbye sweet, boy. You will be missed.